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XPS13 9310 Sleep mode

Some time ago I bought my XPS 13 9310. Once I got it, everything worked fine except the sleep mode. I tried to disable S3 block, update firmware. Nothing helped. I tried many different Linux kernels and FreeBSD 13 with the same results. Everything works perfectly but the battery drains a few percent per hour. That's something absolutely unacceptable for a computer of such price. I'm still trying to fix the problem. I don't want to use Intel Modern Standby and don't understand why did Dell decide to implement it. Other laptops under Linux control wakes up very quickly without such a feature. Is there a way to get back S3 sleep state working? Otherwise I will need to buy another (not Dell!) hardware. Battery draining when computer is not in use is absolutely unacceptable on such a high class computer. Please let me know is there an option to flash specific version of firmware or something to fix the problem..

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You can set the system to go into hibernation after some period of time which stops the battery drain.

It is supposed to behave like a smart phone when in low power mode and pop-up messages.  If it worked correctly, would you like that?  Do you run anything you would like to have message notices about like e-mail or Skype?

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