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XPS13 9343 DW1560 - Advanced setting to force to 5Ghz


My Problem:
my DW1560 Wifi switches to 2,4Ghz band instead holding the better 5Ghz band connection. Is there any setting to force the wifi chip to only use 5Ghz band?

Is there any documentation of the advanced settings/options of the DW1560/broadcom?
I've installed latest FW I've found: FW 7.35.352 (as of 22.11.2016); Win10 on XPS 13 9343
The WLAN setting: 100MBit plan; AVM!Fritz 7490 router in a MESH with AVM!Repeater 1750E and AVM!Repeater 3000

In the advanced settings tabs I could change the following options but don't know the effects:
- 20/40 Coexistence
- 2G Bandwidth Capability
- 40MHz Intolerant
- 802.11n Preamble
- Antenna Diversity
- ARP Offload
- Assoc Listen Interval
- BeamForming
- Blutetooth Collaboration
- BSS PLCP Header
- D2 Listen Iterval
- Enable/Disable LTR
- Fragmentation Threshold
- Locally Administered MAC Address
- LTR Active value in microseconds
- Minimum Power Consumption
- NS Offload
- Power Output
- Priority & VLAN
- Rate
- Roaming Decision
- RTS Threshold
- Short GI
- Wake On Magic Packet
- Wake on Pattern Match
- WFD Channel Number
- Wifi Rekeying Offload
- XPress (TM) Technology

Would be great to get some ideas or hints! Thanks in advance!

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