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XPS13 (9370) DMA VERIFIER BSOD when device plugged into USB-C with TB ports

Following updated that were automatically applied just before Christmas the XPS13 now crashes whenever a device is plugged into either of the two USB-C thunderbolt ports on the left of the device.

Previously these ports had been used with a TB16 which had ( mostly ) worked fine to support two monitors, keyboard, mouse and ethernet.

Everything else seems to work fine, but loss of the dual screen setup is frustrating.

The left hand ports can still be used to power the laptop.

The none TB USB on the right still works fine and can be used with simple USB Hub for mouse etc.

I tried rolling the Windows updates back, but this made no difference.

The BIOS is latest 1.11.1.

I assume that the issue is with a driver somewhere, and I see from other threads that some drivers have cause BSOD issues. Is there a know good set of drivers that don't have this sort of issue?

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