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XPS13 9370 crashed on sleep

We purchased 3 of these XPS13, 9370 laptops and are experiencing issues where the laptop will go to sleep then wake itself up and crash.

One was completely rebuilt while the other 2 are using the version of windows 10 that was provided.  All 3 are still exhibiting the same issues.  BIOS and Drivers have all been updated.

Does anyone else have these issues with their 9370s?  We have opened a case with Dell ProSupport who are sending a new motherboard out but unfortunately their latest update was: "As per the records, currently parts is unavailable and the tentative ETA for parts availability is 17/05/18". 

We've paid a premium for these laptops, is there a manufacturing defect here for all 3 laptops to be experiencing this issue?

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Hi noenoeonoenoeee,

Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your XPS system is not performing as expected.  

Wake from sleep issues can be difficult to diagnose.  I see from your post that you have contacted ProSupport, who should be able to assist you further with this.  However, if you're still needing assistance, please send me a Private Message and provide your system service tag number as well as your name, address, phone number and email address.  Thanks.

Hi Robert,


The motherboard change did not resolve the issue and Dell Pro Support has now escalated the issue to the 'research team'.  Hoping we can get a resolution on this soon as it's extremely frustrating to return to a laptop after being away for 10 minutes and find that everything was lost after it rebooted itself.

12 days later and no word from Dell. Truly disappointed .

Hi, I was facing a similar issue with my system - went to BIOS POST settings and changed the fastboot from "minimal" to "auto". Fixed it for me - hope this helps!

@noeoneonoenoeee wrote:
12 days later and no word from Dell. Truly disappointed .


The 9370 does not "Sleep" but instead, goes into a low power mode.  If you are familiar with modern standby and are not confusing the operation of the system, could let us know?

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I've had this issue for over a year now on my XPS 9350.

Can't seem to get any help from Dell, since my support is expired. Issue I believe started only after it was over, if I'm not mistaken. I see plenty of complaints for the same issue from people using XPS (different models even).

Really not sure what to do, but it's frustrating not being able to have the computer go to sleep when I need to move from one room to another, or even worse, if the computer gets to go to sleep mode in the middle of a meeting.

This was a pretty expensive computer to have such a "basic" issue that can't seem to get addressed.

Try unchecking fast startup in power options. 

Screenshot (2).png


I have already tried turning it on and off, to no avail.

Attempted to do a clean install of Windows as well, which worked for a day or two, and then back to square one.

There doesn't seem to be anything that fixes the issue, which is very frustrating for such an expensive laptop...

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