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XPS13 Charger Fried XPS13 Laptop


I have a XPS13 9300 (Core i7 10th Gen) laptop and the charger that came with the laptop has fried both of the power outlets and now the laptop will not charge or boot up. The light on the charger is on, and will charge other devices, but once it is plugged into the laptop the light on the charger turns off and no charging happens. 

At the point of the "frying", I was working on the laptop and the laptop had some charge. Since the frying, it will not boot. The key lights will glow and the "Dell" icon will appear, but then the boot will abort. 

I have the laptop plugged into another charger but it seems like it is not taking any charge. 

Any thoughts on how to resolve this? It doesn't seem appropriate that the charger the laptop came with will damage the laptop. 

Thanks in advance!

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If the LED on the adapter goes out when connected to the system, the issue is a short circuit inside the system.  This will usually completely disable the system -- if it's booting to a Dell setup screen, unplug the system, remove the base cover and disconnect the battery from the system board.  Remove the SSD from the mainboard -- will the system then boot to a setup screen?  If it will, it's a bad SSD.

If not, it's a bad system board that will need to be replaced.

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