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XPS13 - Feature request / suggestion

Dear Dell, Dear Community,
with great pleasure, I have noted the changes that were made to the XPS13 2018 model. Nonetheless, I think a few things are still missing in order to make it the perfect laptop (for me at least).

I would like to share them with the hope to see them implemented in the 2019 model. This would finally convince me to replace my XPS13 from 2013.

  1. I would like to see an OLED display. I know, they still have some problems with burn-in. But honestly, I haven't noticed any of that on my phone after several years of use. And who runs a 13-inch display 16 hours a day? Nobody!
  2. Please implement a SIM-card slot. Maybe drop the micro-sd reader instead. A laptop like the XPS13 is made for travel. And I need internet while I am traveling. So it makes perfect sense not having to use my phone as a hotspot all the time.
  3. Offer an external box in the size of a 3.5 inch drive or maybe a bit bigger with an external GPU. It doesn't have to be as powerful as other external GPU enclosures. A GTX1080 mobile would be sufficient. This would allow me to bring my XPS on longer business trips as well. If it, in addition, has a M.2. drive bay, that would be perfect.

I hope you like my ideas and can't wait for the CES 2019.

Best regards,

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Re: XPS13 - Feature request / suggestion

1. Will likely eventually happen once the supplies firm up and the prices drop.

2.  Likely won't happen - there are far too many different standards for PCS internet service;  the SIM card is only part of the issue -- the WWAN card required is the other one, and not all WWAN cards will work with all services, even if the technology is the same.

3.  Won't happen - this is the province of Alienware, not the XPS.


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Re: XPS13 - Feature request / suggestion

I agree with ejn63 on #1.  For #2, Dell already offers built-in WWAN for Latitude systems and Lenovo offers it on several of their systems, so compatibility doesn't seem a big enough issue to deter them from offering it at all.  And Microsoft recently added WWAN to their latest Surface Pro, which is even more compact than the XPS 13, so size isn't the issue either.  I think Dell could definitely do this.  Whether there's enough of a target market for it is another question.  People who require built-in WWAN are often business road warrior types, and they tend to buy Latitude systems (which is why that's where this feature is available) and not XPS systems.  That's not to say that XPS customers don't travel of course, but perhaps Dell's market research indicates that XPS customers are fine using a mobile hotspot feature on their phone or whatever.

For #3, Dell's only external GPU enclosure thus far has used a proprietary connector that was offered on certain Alienware systems -- but that was before Thunderbolt 3 arrived to offer an industry-standard way to export a PCIe interface to a peripheral.  That said, I don't see Dell offering something like you're describing.  The eGPU market is still very small, and system support is still sketchy at best due to differences in the number of PCIe lanes available over Thunderbolt, some systems not having new enough Thunderbolt firmware provided by the vendor, and some systems already having a built-in discrete GPU, which makes getting an eGPU working harder if not impossible, at least if you want to use the eGPU with the built-in display.  I don't think the existing eGPU enclosure manufacturers are getting enough business to attract the attention of a company as large as Dell.  Another problem with bringing eGPUs mainstream is that unlike most anything else typical users would plug into a Thunderbolt connector, they are not hot-swappable.  If you disconnect an eGPU while the system is running, Windows will blue screen.  Regardless of how many warnings Dell adds to packaging, documentation, etc, that behavior will be unexpected for the average user and is therefore apt to generate a lot of support tickets with Dell, so I don't see them going after a "niche" product area like that.

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