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XPS13 constantly need to re-install thunderbolt drivers.

This is driving me nuts. I'm using an XPS13 running Ubuntu 18.04 and its mostly working. Some really annoying things going on, but basically OK.

I need to reboot the thing multiple times a day because hybernation is a problem about every third time and the docking station is pretty ordinary but the thing that is really driving me crazy is that it looses the thundrebolt drivers about every 5th reboot.

Why are they not sticking?

This happened on both 28 and the current 33 version.

fwupdmgr -v update fails to restart the device pretty much every time its run, and multiple runs are usually needed to get the stupid thing installed (if it actually does).

Does Dell actually support Linux on these things are is this just a piece of advertising fluff?


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Apparently its advertising fluff. Take their rubbish docking stations for example.


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