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XPS15 7590 freezes randomly and slows down significantly in battery saver mode.


I recently bought an XPS15 7590 i7 9750H + 16gb RAM + 512gb SSD + NVIDIA GTX 1650 GPU in Dec 2019. I see my machine freezing randomly when the system goes into battery saver mode below the 20% threshold I have set now. The system does not stop working. However, it's so slow that I get annoyed when using it. As soon as I connect it to the AC power, it works fine. I am a student and I can't carry the AC adapter all the time with me. I've called Dell more than 2 times in the month of January regarding this issue, but they haven't solved it yet.

The last time I called, the representative accessed my system remotely installed some software, ran some tests, updated BIOS and told me that it's not a hardware issue but a software issue. Also, they said my warranty does not cover this software repair and I have to upgrade my warranty to fix the issue. I see many have similar freezing issues in other threads and no definite solution to it. If any of you have a solution to the problem please share it.




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