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XPS15 (9520) wakes when thunderbolt dock plugged in

I have a brand new XPS15 (summer, 2022). In short, either plugging in or unplugging a power source wakes the computer from sleep and I want this to stop!

Long version ...

I've deactivated the lid switch in the BIOS because that just suits my workflow. So the lid never does anything and I like it that way. I use the power button on the keyboard to change wake state.

If I'm plugged in (doesn't matter if it's my thunderbolt dock, which supplies power, or the power brick that came with the computer), I can push the power button to enter sleep, and it's definitely in sleep. But then as soon as I unplug the power source, the computer immediately wakes.

Same thing the other way - if I'm on battery, I can put the computer to sleep just fine, but then as soon as I plug in either the power cord or the dock, the computer wakes. Also, while it's plugged in, it seems to never go back to sleep, even though Win11 is set to enter sleep when plugged in after 10 minutes.

Yesterday I was on battery and put the computer to sleep at 5 pm. I got home at 7 pm and plugged it in to charge overnight. When I woke this morning, the computer was warm! In event viewer, there are zero items from 5 pm to 7 pm, I see Kernel-Power (ID 105) when I plugged it in, and then events all night long every few minutes, so I know it was awake the entire time from there.


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