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XPS15 9550 - Freeze, BSoD when not on A/C power.

My XPS15 9550 - Freezes and BSoD's when not on A/C power. It started happening the day it passed the 1-year warranty period.

The image link shows the actual error, which I cannot find a good definition for.

I suspected battery issues, since it only happens while using the battery and replaced the battery AND the A/C adapter. No resolution.

I contacted DELL, and they went through steps and declared that is "definitely wasn't hardware related". I reinstalled the OS, and it happened on a clean install, so I am confident I have faulty hardware. Anyone know how to resolve this?

Error: https://imgur.com/ImgAcnX


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Mary G
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Re: XPS15 9550 - Freeze, BSoD when not on A/C power.

Is the replacement battery a genuine Dell replacement battery?  If it isn't, that's the problem.

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