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XPS15 9550, NVIDIA 960m not working at all

I am not sure since when, but i think NVIDIA 960m started freezing after updating Intel HD graphics 530 driver.

I tried Display Driver Uninstaller for both NVIDIA and Intel in safe mode, then re-install all the drivers once w/ the latest versions, and after being no help, second/multiple more times using previous versions.

Non of them worked, and I still can't get NVIDIA to work.

Below is what happens when I open NVIDIA control panel. 3D preview does not rotate, and the control panel freezes.

Also, running OpenGL in Visual Studio 2017 freezes, while other non-OpenGL programs run fine.

It seems that some conflict between Intel HD graphics 530 and NVIDIA 960m, but not sure.

I have to work, but this nonsense problem has got me stuck for two days.. very stressful.

Can you help me with this?



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EXACT SAME PROBLEM, with Dell inspiron 7559 (6700HQ/HD 530/960m 4GB)


Tried everything about uninstalling/reinstalling graphics drivers. None of them worked.

So I just reset Windows 10 from Settings menu.

It works now. And I haven't updated any graphics drivers after the reset.


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