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XPS17 L702x Fan Speed issue

Hi there,

I have an issue with the XPS 17 L702x notebook, the fan never shuts off and keeps ramping up and down for no apparent reason. Troubleshooting I have tried so far:

- complete reinstall of Windows 7, including all current Dell drivers

- Bios update (was already on newest bios)

- Changing energy usage plan, limiting max cpu to 70%, switching to passive mode, diabling speedstep in bios

- Uninstalling nvidia drivers, reinstalled from provided driver dvd

- Tried using the software speedfan (which can change the fan speed, but gets overruled by something)

There is no visible reason for the fan to be constantly on, even when the system is idle (800mhz) and cool (41°C), the fan keeps spinning and ramping up to 100% for no apparent reason - all the time. I've read through dozens of pages in different forums where other customers have tried to find their own solutions to this problem, but to no avail. I've tried all mentioned solutions and workarounds from those forums, no luck. It seems that there are many customers out there with the same problem, but no offical or working solution is out there.

This is sort of a last attempt at resolving this issue, if it can not be resolved I will have to essentially trash the notebook and make a note to never buy anything from Dell again, since this problem is many many years old and there seems to be no information / solution from Dell - even though this clearly is a software/driver/bios issue (again, Speedfan can control the fan, but it get's overruled by some Dell software/driver).

with kind regards


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Hi, Did you manage to find out the solution? I have the same model with same issue.




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