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XPS9500 HDCP Compatible

The intel graphics command center shows it not HDCP compatible. 

and I cannot stream 4k hdr content in Netflix.


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I'm owning an XPS 9700 and having the same problem, the maxmimum resolution I can stream is FullHD.


Me too, and Dell never give an answer for this.

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Bump same here.......but with laptop xps 9700 aswell saying the same thing

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Same thing happened here XPS 13 9300. I think it's the intel driver causes the problem. Flagship laptop can't stream NETFLIX in 4k, what a shame dell & intel.

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Just looking to bump this one again.  Has anyone had any feedback with resolving this issue?

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Same issue. And the agent just told me "the device just isn't HDCP compatible!" Excuse me!!! I paid 3200 for this you better replace it or something!

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I have same issue on XPS 17 9710 in intel Graphics Center it says Laptop In-built display doesn't support HDCP. 

Although it's FHD not 4k but still should support 1080p HDR



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