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XPS9550 service ownership change but not able to get service

I bought xps9550 at US during travel.

And I got a solid confirmation from dealer about world service as below.

As soon as I change ownership from US to Korea, I can get a same service and warranty which are described in contract.


However, Korea Dell support is refusing providing service to me due to I got this in US.

If I can't get service, What is the purpose of ownership? ,and Why I did change ownership?

It's not a fare.

Do I have to go US again to get service?

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robert p
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Re: XPS9550 service ownership change but not able to get ser

Hi seondeok81,

Thanks for posting. Apologies that your system purchase was not as expected.

Dell encourages you to purchase a system that is available in the country where you will reside. If you purchase a system that is not available in the country where you will expect to receive services, your warranty may not transfer equally or not all to another country and you will not be able to receive parts and or services for that system. Please verify the configuration of the system you are interested in purchasing is available in Korea. 

Warranty and Ownership Transfer 

You may request a warranty and/or ownership transfer if you’ve recently purchased or received a used Dell product, sold or given away your Dell product, are moving/moved to another country and need coverage in that region, or own a product manufactured by a company that Dell has recently acquired. Not all warranty transfer requests will be approved.


International Warranty 

The Dell International Services Program offers the security of knowing you can receive service and support when you travel with your Dell outside your home country.

There are three methods for engaging technical support when travelling internationally:

Call the call center of the country in which you're travelling.

Call the call center of your home region while abroad.

Call the International Queue at 512-728-7424 (toll call).

If in the US or Canada, call 800-285-1653 (toll free).

The call center that you contact will perform a problem diagnosis. If repair is needed, the phone technician will arrange for service by contacting the Dell call center in the country where the customer is located. A dispatcher will contact the customer and arrange for service. 

More than likely this model is not sold in Korea, so the parts and services may not be available there which is why they have denied services thus far.  So, basically your system would have to return to the original country of purchase for warranty repairs, and  the shipping would be at the customer's expense.

I trust this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. 


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Re: XPS9550 service ownership change but not able to get ser

Dear rebert.


Thanks to your reply.

However I'm 100% sure XPS9550 battery is available in korea. 

Ant I'm not pointing specific part or system. 

Korea service is refusing any services.

I already checked that other people who have same model/same trouble with me got services.

I was denied because of I bought it in US, and ownership transfer is meaningless for me. 

My service CODE : <Express service code removed>.

I had been used a lot of world products and getting services in variable countries. But this kind of wired situation is first time.


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Re: XPS9550 service ownership change but not able to get ser

 Are you looking to buy a battery - or for in-warranty battery replacement?

Or are you looking to have the battery replaced out of warranty by the Dell extension (which isn't possible now;  the program has expired)?


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