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Xps 15 9550 performance has tanked.

Just got back into laptop gaming after I finished my semester at school to find that I cannot run games well anymore. I used to play rainbow six siege on 900p with medium settings and get a constant 60fps, now I run on low and get 30- 20 FPS. Every other game I own is affected and it pisses me off since I bought the laptop for its portable gaming capabilities. 

Specs: i7, gtx 960m, 256gb ssd

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I saw that some solutions were getting mother board replacements, what are the steps to have dell do this for me? 

If you're under warranty, call Dell.  If not, a thorough clean-out and replacement of the thermal pads that interface the heatsink and heat slugs will likely clear up the problem - just basic maintenance, particularly on a system that's been in use for a couple of years.


Hi @rcowan65

Thanks for reaching out about your system performance. There are multiple factors that can cause sluggish performance on a system and we need to look at ruling out each one in turn to get an idea of what is causing this issue. Can you help me out with the following details please -

a) Are you running the same games that you were previously when the system was running fine?
b) Are you running the system on battery or ac power when you notice the drop in performance?
c) Have you recently updated to the Windows Spring Creators update?
d) Have you updated your drivers and BIOS to the latest revisions?
e) Are you running on the maximum performance power plan when you notice the issues?
f) Have you run the online diagnostics to determine if there are any hardware issues with the system? You can run the online diags here - the full test takes 40 mins to complete

Do you have any links that say we are replacing motherboards for this issue?


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