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Yet Another XPS 9575 Killer 1435 Issue (With bonus Keyboard problems)

I have had 4 different models of the XPS over the last 5 or so years and have generally been happy with them. They have their quirks, for sure, but that usually only entails replacing the Killer wi-fi card to Intel. Fast forward to yesterday when my 9575's wi-fi took a dive. I went to my Amazon to reorder the exact Intel card I replaced on my 9570 only to find out this thing is soldered in. I am out of my service plan at this point. OS is Win 10 Enterprise 1909. Last updated in May so I do not believe that update had anything to do with this. 


- Downloaded the Killer Control Center

- Deleted/uninstalled all Killer software and drivers with their uninstall software

- Updated BIOS 

- Installed Killer Control Center again

-Reset Network settings


- Reset the PC with a fresh OS install 

Problem is more sporadic now, but I am getting error code 43 in the device manager when it disconnects. Uninstall driver and restart fixes the problem but that is not the solution. I have also had keyboard issues yesterday and today. No errors and fixes with a restart. Anyone run across a solution that I have not tried? 



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