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audio renderer DELL XPS 13

Hello everyone, 

I am an Apple products enthusiast, with my iPad, iPhone and MacBook. I recently purchased a Dell XPS 13 a very stylish looking laptop as I was not able to run a software on Mac. Biggest Mistake EVER! Whenever I use Google Chrome, with any video streaming app (Youtube, Netflix, Coursera) an audio renderer issue pops up that forces me to restart my computer. @DELL-Jesse L  please don't post the how-to-connect website solution under my post because it is ONLY a temporary fix, and it happens after 15 minutes again! updating my drivers, restarting them, and using Mozilla firefox instead is NOT A SOLUTION, and there's no help that fixes this permanently from the Dell. I regret spending so much money on this laptop, when I could have bought a MacBook instead 😞



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