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bios update xps 15 7590 version 1.4.0 causes issue with VirtualBox

Installed the version 1.4.0 update using the Dell Update. No problem there, but after this update I was not able to start a guest Windows 10 OS in VirtualBox. The Windows10 boot got stuck at the Windows logo.

Looking in the logs of this VirtualBox the last logged lines are:

00:00:17.087652 GIM: HyperV: Guest OS reported ID 0x1040a0000271b
00:00:17.087661 GIM: HyperV: Open-source=false Vendor=0x1 OS=0x4 (Windows NT or derivative) Major=10 Minor=0 ServicePack=0 Build=10011
00:00:17.087704 GIM: HyperV: Enabled hypercall page at 0x0000000000210000

The fix for me was to downgrade the BIOS to an earlier version: 1.3.3

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The same trouble for me also!

XPS 7590 i9-9980HK, 32GB RAM Win10Pro 1903 build 18362.592
The Hyper-V-Feature in Win10 is deactivated.
VirtualBox Vers. 6.1.2

ALL Win7 64bit guests start with blue-screen on error-code 0x0000C4

I was trying to improve the BIOS - Settings for virtualisation after upgrade, without result.

The same story for BIOS Version 1.5.0!

After downgrade to 1.3.3 - the win7 guests start without trouble. Thank you Jacob for the hint ;-).


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The recent BIOS firmware update launched by Dell is causing error for me as well.

I constantly experience screen freezes while working on my Dell laptop.

Have they begun the rollout of updated firmware to counter this issue?


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