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can only use one external monitor

Hi All


so I have attached an external monitor HDMI onto a Dell block to my laptop no problem, I have attempted to attach a 2nd portable monitor through the block type c cable to the  block  - when this connects the laptop does not recognise a 3rd screen, the portable screen turns on and disconnects the other screen, when I disconnect the portable screen the original external screen switches back

any ideas please??  

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We would need to know the exact system model to assist you.  That is, XPS 9333, L501x,  etc.  

Many systems are not capable of sending video output over USB-C.  Others can;  it is system-dependent.


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According to the specifications (linked below), there's one Thunderbolt port (which is likely what you're using to display video to the monitor that works), and two USB 3.0 ports (which will not support video output unless you attach an external video adapter).  Example linked below.


System documentation here




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