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dell xps 13 7390 2 in 1 freezing

Xps 13 2 in 1, i7 1065g7, 32gb ram, uhd, 512 nvme

  just got my laptop two days ago, so i was testing it to make sure everything is ok because i hope to keep it for at least 4 years like my current xps 15 which i got in 2013, almost seven years and still a solid performer!

             The issue with the xps that i got is freezing, when it freeze, the laptop runs very hard, fans on max, and the the computer runs really hot.The only thing you can do is to press the power button for 10-15 sec to power it off then start it back on. the freezing happen rarely  during normal use, but almost always during any graphic intensive task or during graphic test when benchmarking.  i ran performance by passmark, pcmark 10,geekbench 4 and 5, and some others. now the error message that i got from pcmark10 is OPEN CL FAILIURE after i start the computer back up again. it did freeze through the dell graphic card test and graphic stress test. 

 my goal is to find out that this issue is software related not a hardware related. i understand this is new generation and it takes some time to solve software glitches and incompatibilities. but if this issue is only happening with me then it is a good guess that the unit i have is defective.

so please if anyone had the same issue and figured out a solution. what i did is re-installing drivers, updating drivers, reverting drivers to older version, then did a fresh os re-installation through usb boot disk. all that didn't solve that issue for me. and i have around two weeks to figure out a solution, if not i have to send it back. 

Update, dell support is currently working with me to resolve this issue. Here are some of the benchmark results.





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