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driver "version" vs "Last Updated"

Dell XPS 9550 (not that it matters).

That's another way to ask the same questions as in "release date vs last updatehttps://www.dell.com/community/Laptops-General-Read-Only/release-date-vs-last-update/m-p/4705062#M87... . The answer in that post doesn't answer the question but pointed on existence of some tool.

Can you please explain why Dell re-releases drivers with the same version and newer Last Updated? Should I install a driver with newer "Last Updated" if I previously already applied the driver with the same "Version" but older "Last Updated"? And further, when I run installer it shows another, 3rd date. That makes me think Dell cheats by changing Last Updated at will to make it look as if drivers were released more frequently than they really are.

I cannot track drivers by versions (using Detect Drivers tool is optional and I do not use it) - what's the point in versions when later this driver pops up with the same version and new "Last Updated" date? If there is a point, please tell me. 

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This is a pet peeve of mine too. I think Last Updated can be updated even if the only thing that changed was the “Full details” page for the driver download, perhaps to clarify release notes, expand the fixes, enhancements, or known issues sections, etc. I personally just keep a full set of driver install files on my system, and since the file names typically include the actual driver version number these days, I can check whether it’s actually a new driver or just some other update.

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