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I have 3 identical laptops. all e7450


One was not working, and the 2 others were fine. 


To troubleshoot the first one, I switch the bios coin battery from a working e7450 to the nonworking one. 


did not work, 


But, now my previously working e7450 won't show any sign of life. No lights nothing.  


Any idea?

Thanks so much for your time. 


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Those are roughly 7 year old systems. The first thing to do would be to purchase brand new CMOS batteries for them and try again. At 7 years the batteries could be weak at the very least. Then check all the connections in the previously working system. If the system is dead then it is very possible you disturbed something such as the main battery connection or some other component during the disassembly. Doublecheck all of your prior work.

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