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fan noise revisited dell ultrabook XPS L322X

i’ve been dealing with a strange noise from my 2012 dell ultrabook, for awhile now

all sorts of weird sounds, different frequencies, even low-pitched – made a real racket


i researched it on the net a few months ago and found a guy with a similar problem

he described the sound as a that of ‘faulty bearing’

basically paper labels on the inside of the case were loose, in his case curling into the fan


there’s a lot of heat in there – CPU runs at 60C – paper glues fail eventually anyway

so i removed all the loose paper labels – problem NOT fixed – i’m ready to ship it off to dell for a new fan motor or whatever


anyway i had one last look inside today – it revealed a piece of thick orange plastic over a few chips

it looked purposeful so i hadn't removed it before – but it was kind of loose so i tossed it

it must have been fluttering against something in the hot windy environment inside the computer

i’m amazed at the variety of sounds it made, like a faulty bearing


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