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many problems with my xps 13 9310. is it really high end laptop!!!!!

I bought dell xps 9310 6 months ago, and can you believe that I replaced my keyboard, battery, and now my screen  got worse with pressure spots. my laptop edges does not fit well. 
i feel that I am loosing my time contacting the dell support because they gave me boring and wrong answers. 
as an example I saw warning sign on my battery when I contacted them, the technical support told me very strange answers like to reseat the battery or to replace it with another one or is it a good known battery and even he asked me to try it on another device. simply I told him Its not AAA battery.

when i bought this device i thought i will not have any headache because this is high end expensive one. but seems like i was very wrong.

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Yeah i read every review about how great these XPS13 are and laptop of year blah blah. i have top end XPS13 2 in 1 9310 full spec cost me over 2K USD...   it is rubbish.  never had such a cheaply made troublesome laptop in my life. All these reviewers should be ashamed of themselves. 

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