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my dell xps start without asking for it

that's a lot of times that I put my xps in his bag, and when I realise I see that is running, and of course, very hot. What can I do for prevent it? Usually I suspend the laptop only by closing it, I mean closing the cover.

Thanks in advance,


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You will need to change the power management options in the system. Go to Start-Settings-System-Power&Sleep. From here verify that the settings here meet the criteria that you are needing for your system. Click at the bottom where it reads Additional Power Settings. Click each section on the left column and change the settings on the right to have the system meet your criteria. Do this for each one. Apply the settings. Hopefully, this will resolve your issue.

Dear Jesse,


Thanks a lot for your answer, I have modified an option from the advanced configuration, hope it will fix my issue.


Thanks again,


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