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nVME in slot 2 keeps disappearing

Team:  Is there a new bios coming that will correct the second nVME drive disappearing after sleep and/or randomly after a reboot?  If I turn the system off and back on the drive shows up and works as intended.  I have tested this with the WB_Black_SN850 1Tb and ADATA  XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade.  Both are Gen4 PCIe4 drives.

To recap:  It happens only with the drive on slot 2 on my Dell XPS 17 9710


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I returned ADATA Drive and purchased, Samsung 980 Pro, same problem. Slot #2 doesn't detect this drive. Anyone else facing same issue?

980 PRO PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD 2TB Memory & Storage - MZ-V8P2T0B/AM | Samsung US

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Dell really need to validate and test their drivers for different scenarios before rolling these out. 
Latest Samsung SSD drive firmware upgrade made my "ADATA  XPG GAMMIX S70  2TB  (4th gen) in slot 2 as 2nd drive" disappear. 

I tried several times, opened laptop and thought drive installation has issues, tried again. Nothing helped.

Now DELL bios is not seeing any drive in slot 2.

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Same with XPS 15 9510. W10pro.

ADATA  XPG GAMMIX S70  2TB  (4th gen) in slot 2 as 2nd drive.

It works most time, but disappearing sometimes. The BIOS tests are succesful. Windows has no issues. But the SupportAssist shows permanently a hardware error for this drive!


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