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no order confirmation after purchase


I orderded an xps yesterday through dell's own website, after the purchase I did not receive confirmation of purchase. I orderd the xps on a guest account and after ordering I was expecting an email so I closed the windows with the order information but no email was received, after googling this problem I noticed I am not the only person with this problem although I might be the only one with zero information about his order. the xps was orderded using visa and whilst checking the visa the amount has not withdrawn from the account but it is in hold. is there anyone from dell who can help me out with this issue?

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 I tried contacting the support however their service is "unavailable" at this time...

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Weekend orders always take a little longer. You should receive confirmation with 24-48 hours.

This is a user to user forum not support. Contact Customer Support if you need further help- 


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