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occasional shutdown XPS 7590 with WD19TB docking station


I'm XPS 7590 & WD19TB user

when XPS is connected with docking station and there is high load on laptop(ex, game), my XPS shutdowns (If I use XPS's adapter, It's working normally)

also I feel strong heat on the left side of keyboard(just next to Tab, Caps Lock)

I already know that docking station usually occurs this heat on thunderbolt area. but it's too hot

so I updated BIOS to 1.5, and install all of drivers about thunderbolt & docking station

in my thought, it's not power problem but kind of protection against high heat




Anybody know the solution or have same problem?




docking station is connected to monitor/external hard disk/led lamp/LAN/2 of usb for charge

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Hello, I'm having the exact same problem. Have you already managed to solve it?


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Same problem Dell XPS 9500, Docking WD19TB...
Just shuts down during heavy load / games.
CPU & GPU temps normal about ~70C - NOT overheating for sure.




I am facing the same issue, if I am in a warm environment (~25C), the laptop is shutting down relatively fast with the dock plugged in (eGPU connected to the dock as well).

The left side of the notebook very close to the USB-C port is getting very hot while the CPU cores are at max. 60C.

Any feedback from Dell???




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I'm encountering the same Issue while charging my XPS 7590 via Thunderbolt connector. 

I tested two variants: Charging only with 130W Dell Genuine USB-C Adapter (Part: 0K00F5), while gaming or video editing the machine shuts down after a few minutes

and I'm using a HP Thunderbolt 3 Dock for my corporate HP Notebook. The XPS is running fine there as well, but shutting down under heavy load after short time.

in both ways the area left near the "Caps" Key is getting extraordinary hot (>60°C)

It seems like there is a temperature issue with the thunderbolt controller. would you please confirm it and how can this be solved?

Windows Event log

The system was hibernated due to a critical thermal event.
Hibernate Time = ‎2021‎-‎10‎-‎03T15:04:34.347746500Z
ACPI Thermal Zone = Intel(R) Dynamic Platform Thermal Framework: SEN3
_HOT = 363K

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I have a Dell XPS 15 7590. I have the same problem. As soon as I connect via my WD19TB and put my notebook under load, it gets extremely hot on the left and crashes with the same error message.
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