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slow write/read external disk with TB16 and XPS 9560

I recently got a docking station TB 16 to pair with my XPS 9560.

it has worked fine except for somewhat slow read/write speeds of two Samsung T3 connected to the USB 3.0 ports of the docking -instead of the usual 450sMB/s I am getting about 250. it is an issue as I use them to pull footage for video editing in Premiere and I have noticed dropped frames.

I have the TB16 with three monitors, 1080@60hz, 1060@120Hz and 4k@60z, and of course, the usual mouse and keyboard USB combo. is it possible I am reaching the limit of the TB3 bandwith? the fact that I only have one 4k monitor would suggest I should be OK, but wanted to ask.

I of course, installed the three drivers in the TB16 dell support page, and my XPS 9560 is uptodate with drivers and BIOS.

any suggestions?

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I didn’t even know that system supported 120 Hz displays, but that display combination would consume about 28 Gb of bandwidth. Even if TB3 can’t run at the full 40 Gbps, there should still be plenty of bandwidth left over, and copying files FROM that drive should run at full speed anyway because TB3 is 40 Gbps in each direction simultaneously and display data only goes one way. When you mention “the usual” 450 MB/s, is that refeeeing to connecting that drive directly to a USB port on the system or based on experience with another system? If the latter, can you test with that drive connected to a built-in USB port? Lastly, how are you assessing performance? If you’re performing random file copies, there are a lot of factors that can create inconsistencies there. Try something like CrystalDiskMark for consistent test results.

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