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wd15 not producing video and being wonky with USB devices

Hi.  I have a WD15 dock with an XPS 9365.   The monitor I have connected to the dock has stopped receiving input from the dock.   I'm not finding articles how to tell if the video port (HDMI) is bad on the dock.  I've verified the monitor works as it's working as a second monitor using a USB-HDMI dongle directly off the laptop.  USB devices plugged into the dock are being recognized about half the time. 

If I move the dock (at all), the USB devices are dropped and re-added (windows makes the noises for adding/removing usb devices).  However, while the laptop says they are added, they don't tend to work until the next time I both reboot and redock.  So the usb keyboard/mouse stops working and I'm typing on the laptop directly.

Worse, everything gets very confused if I dock the laptop while it's running.  The USB devices work if I boot while connected to the dock.  But if i undock and redock, it's a no-go.  The video used to follow the same behavior as well.

Per Dell Update, all the drivers on the dock are up to date.

Any suggestions?  Do I have a new doorstop and have to get a new one?  It's not quite a year old, but this has been going on for about four months in some way, shape or form.



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