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xps 13 9360 flickering/ flash/screen lines

Hi.I am experiencing intermittent flickering/ flashing when in use and screen lines when booting up. I ran hardware diagnostics which appeared ok and made sure all drivers are up to date. Running bios 2.10.

Flickering seems to increase when plugged into its charger. I do not experience any flickering on 2 monitors.which are connected via plugable type-c docking station.I have flickering whether connected to the docking station or not.

Very frustrating and disappointing since I have been using the laptop for less than 1 year. Not what I expected from this caliber of computer.

Any suggestions  on how to fix this problem?


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I also ran into an issue, where upon waking my laptop from sleep, the screen flickered and flashed incessantly, until I was forced to restart the computer. This is in addition to issues I've had of the laptop randomly shutting down while in sleep mode. Issues which have conveniently cropped up shortly after my 1 year warranty expired. 

Also not the quality of experience I'd expect from a laptop of this caliber. I came into this, appreciating the XPS series as a serious rival to Apple, but from what I've experienced, its QC is just not up to par. 

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