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xps 9380 no boot no power, urgent

My laptop went bad 3 days ago. It has no display by pressing power button, but the fan was running crazy for several seconds. Then it stopped, and the laptop had no response at all, except the battery indicator on the left side showing the battery capacity is full.

I read an article about RTC reset in Dell knowledge base. https://www.dell.com/support/article/en-us/sln304892/how-to-reset-real-time-clock-rtc-to-recover-you... and followed the instruction. But the laptop still had no response, even the battery indicator, which went off  since the RTC reset.

I am really confused, it kept well before the indident, the last thing I did is to turn it into a 36H hiberation. I really need help because I have an exam on Tuesday.

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