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xps 9570 - 2 MONTHS waiting and BAD support - BROKEN laptop


Dell is not able to deliver the support they promise (see “XPS Premium Support Service”). Currently they estimate they will only be able to fix my laptop 2 months after it broke. While in their support service description makes you believe your laptop will be fixed the next day after system failure.


My “Dell XPS 9570 - 97003” laptop was purchased on 30/07/2018, the laptop arrived on 8/08/2018.

On 5/09/2018 (ONE month after my purchase) my computer stopped working, sudden black screen. I haven’t been able to boot the laptop up again, keyboard backlight lights up, but no post.

After calling the support service I was promised a next day repair (as advertised in their “XPS Premium Support Service” description). A repair was planned next day, so I took the day of. Next day the repair center called me to inform me they could not send a technician because they had no repair parts (a new motherboard). They told me they couldn’t help me any further. So, I had to call the dell support service again myself. The support service told me they had no estimate on how long the part would be out of stock.

After a lot of negotiating they told me they could replace my computer (they needed a week to decide upon that). Only a week later the support team created the replacement order (25/09/2018). The estimated delivery date was 16/10/2018 at that time.

Today I found out the estimated delivery date has been updated, now they state I will receive my replacement laptop on 5/11/2018. That would be exactly 2 months after the laptop failed and stopped working.

Some sidenotes:

  • Currently Dell is still stating on their website that a newly bought XPS 15 will be send to you in 5 to 13 business days.
  • In the “XPS Premium Support Service” description dell states: “Dell's XPS Premium Support Service* can place a Dell-certified engineer at the customer's location the following business day, after completion of telephone-based troubleshooting when a Dell technician accepts and logs a system fault call before 17:00 Monday-Friday**, subject to parts availability.”. To them this means they can let you wait 2 months for a repair because they have no parts available.
  • Dell’s support service does a very poor job finding a real solution and their professionality leaves a lot to be desired. (a lot of mistakes were made and often I was told they could not give me any further information on time estimates)

"XPS Premium Support Service" - https://www.dell.com/downloads/emea/services/uk/en/xps_premium_support_service_sow_uk.PDF

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