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xps 9570 pch overheating

So I was downloading a steam game, I'm using school network so I got a 45mb/s download speed, and after a minute, I got a blue screen...

Fired up HWinfo64, try again, it turns out my PCH is at 92 degrees C. My CPU is at 57 degrees C and GPU 47, the ssd, the MOSFET, they are all fine. But why is my PCH so hot when I'm downloading at high speed?

PCH is not connected to the heatsink and is a passively cooled, exposed die. There's no airflow inside the case, and I can't just put a thermal pad there and call it a day. It only increases the thermal mass but still no thermal dissipation and it will still be hot AF after a few more minutes.

By the way I'm using an Ethernet to usb-c adapter instead of my wifi card. That's why it's not my wifi card that is exploding.

Pleas help.

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@Hello__World those temperatures for the proc are very high. I'll drop you a private message to get a few more details from you.


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I'm reading this thread because I have similar issues with my 9570. I don't get why dell reps are going private messaging when a lot of people may enjoy a response or a hint for those problems listed in the threads. It's kind of annoying.

@everyone I advise to put stacked 3x1.5mm thermal pads on the PCH. This will dramatically reduce the temperature of the PCH, and has the nice side effect, that the fans wont come on under idle or Internet usage.

I have no idea, how incompetent Dell can be about this, and not pad the PCH.

The irony also is, that the XPS consideres the PCH temperature for its fans, even no air flow is happening on the PCH via the fans. And it has also a ridiculously low value triggering the fans at about 50°C.

Browsing the internet or watching a video will cause the PCH to rise to 48-51°C easily after a few minutes, and will trigger the fans. With thermal pads, it stays stable around 33-38°C under that work flow and no fans kick in.

This is totally a design flaw of the XPS.

These work great: https://www.amazon.de/ARCTIC-Thermal-Pad-W%C3%A4rmeleitung-Installation/dp/B00UYTTMNI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=...

You can cut them to the right size.

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By setting PCI-Express to Maximum Power Saving in the Power Settings you should resolve PCH overhitting problem. I know that this is not an ideal solution but it worked for me.


I know is an old thread but was a definitive answer from dell given to this problrm? Also anyone was able to solve this. I have the pch temperature on my dell 9570 constantly at 80C, don't think is normal.

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