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xps l205x nvidia gpu behaving strange after re-install ??

My beloved xps l205x is behaving a little 'odd' after a recent reinstall (only re-installed to get .net 3.5 working due to a download problem with windows update)

when I plug my hdmi in it will only display one resolution below the recommended and then chops a border off all the way round the screen !? if I try to put it on the recommended resolution (the same it used before the re-install) it chops off a section all the way round the screen !? The backlight upon the internal display stays on even with the settings set to only display on the hdmi! 

The drivers came from the dell website and were updated from nvidias site same process with the intel drivers dell then intel!

I tried re-installing the drivers from the dell site again and then the system crashed everytime I tried to plug the hdmi in and I was forced to roll back BOTH drivers ?

im lost now as to why its doing it! all games are running well on the hdmi and the systems running smoothly!

any help is really appreciated

Dell xps l205x

256gb ssd

8gb ram

windows 10 pro

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