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Dell Latitude E6540 Nitro Mod.

here is a gift for us dell extreme gamers.

dude you have a dell laptop, YAY and your tired of choppy vill Mc 30min playtime before half framerate and shutdown or bluescreen.

This wont due.

what you need.

a screwdriver,


aluminum or copper AIR ducting tape with a high grade thermal adhesive.



rubbing alcohol 50% is ok

Kryonaut Thermal Grizzly paste. 12.7w per MM

This is a Dell Latitude E6540 my canvas... 3,014 passmark 9 starting line.


I was trying to get into gaming laptops so I got this for roughly $300 6 months ago.

it started acting up, I should of known with the 95c+ temps on both GPU/CPU that something was wrong.

I disassembled the laptop "was a simple screw set and a panel lifts right off, love it"

I have years of software and hardware experience with all levels of hardware, user grade, military, Experimental...

So to my delight I discovered a treasure trove of performance and stability potential at 130Watts. YAY

HEAT SHEET TECH molded,sculpted, Aluminum Foil tape with 200f+ thermal conductive adhesive.

I removed the heatsink "joined CPU/GPU/1/2RAMCLUSTER" I lapped both surfaces,

I removed motherboard and added heat sheet spreader technology to both top half and bottom half of the motherboard and ram cluster, capacitors, mosfets, power controllers, 8bit chips and up. I put heat sheet on the ram.

Removed all spill guards I just used a special silicon conform coated the PCB after reworking.. and annealing it...

also put silicon washers on the spring tension contact surface to add temp flex tension if needed.

Here are all the spots I put heat sheet stepping...


Here are some simple shots...


Do this to your ram in your laptop right now and see a boost.


This will boost your WIFI Card you know there's a little Pentium in there...


BE CAREFUL if you don't coat the PCB and you DONT check for contact shorts you can DESTROY YOUR STUFF... just FYI quadruple check.

after all my mods, here is my new all day gaming laptop destroyer 60fps all day inside and out. I love it. a true desktop in a laptop..

Quake Champions 720p 60FPS

Pubg 720p 60FPS

Fortnite 720p 60FPS

Ring of Elysium 720p 60FPS




Same fan setup just some mods...


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Amazing. Very nice temp.
Any risk of doing this ?
Could you upload more details photos about your mainboard please. I really don't understand where to put the Aluminum Foil because my bad english. 
Can't wait to fix my e6540.
Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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