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How to safely trigger a Major and Critical event.

My company develops a product that gets monitoring information from XtremIO.  I've been asked by our QA department to trigger a Major and Critical event on the XtremIO.  I could pull a power cable or yank a hard drive, but obviously I do not want to do this.

Does anyone know of anything less invasive I could do to trigger both types of events?



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Re: How to safely trigger a Major and Critical event.


                  you can certainly create some 'major' alerts by deactivating a single storage controller but the 'critical' alerts might be a little harder to emulate...hope this helps.

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Re: How to safely trigger a Major and Critical event.


I'd like to find out more about what your product does, and see what I can do to help. Could you please send me an email at Marco.Abela@dell.com?


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Re: How to safely trigger a Major and Critical event.

One way I can think of is --

Run the show-alert-definitions command. NB Keep a copy of this as changes are being made.

Choose an invasive alert (of your choice) and edit it to be a 'critical' or 'major' alert, as opposed to a 'minor' alert, by running the modify-alert-definitions command.

Possibly I suggest adding/removing/modifying an initiator might be a good option for you?

initiator_add_pending                                 Initiator Add Pending                                 enabled       auto_clear     minor       2400102    yes               No            90        tech

initiator_modify_pending                              Initiator Modify Pending                              enabled       auto_clear     minor       2400103    yes               No            90        tech

initiator_remove_pending                              Initiator Remove Pending                              enabled       auto_clear     minor       2400104    yes           

xmcli (tech)> modify-alert-definition

Description: Modifies alert definition properties for a specified alert type.

Usage: modify-alert-definition property=value list


================= |================ |================= |====================================================

activity-mode     |One from Group 1 |Activity Mode     |'disabled', 'enabled'

alert-type        |Yes              |Alert Type        |Alert Type

clearance-mode    |One from Group 1 |Clearance Mode    |'auto_clear', 'ack_required'

send-to-call-home |One from Group 1 |Send to Call Home |Send SYR notification upon raise

severity          |One from Group 1 |Severity          |'information', 'clear', 'critical', 'major', 'minor'

threshold         |One from Group 1 |Threshold value   |range 0-100

Note: When your testing is complete be sure to revert the alert(s) back to their original definition.

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Re: How to safely trigger a Major and Critical event.


I finally got a chance to try your idea.  I went in and set the alerts for adding and removing initiators as 'major' and 'critical'.  I see this now when I check alert definitions.

initiator_add_pending                                          Initiator Add Pending                                          enabled       auto_clear     major       2400102    yes               Yes           N/A       tech

initiator_modify_pending                                       Initiator Modify Pending                                       enabled       auto_clear     minor       2400103    yes               No            N/A       tech

initiator_remove_pending                                       Initiator Remove Pending                                       enabled       auto_clear     critical    2400104    yes               Yes           N/A       tech

I went to review the events and I see the add and removal as an "Information" alert.  I've tried this both through the GUI and the command line. 

Is there something else I need to do?   Or maybe I'm doing the wrong thing?


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