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Performance History Gaps in Debug Log


While running through a recent debug log collection on an array, I noticed that there seem to be consistent gaps in performance collection during the 5-second polling. The performance CSV file routinely collects 16 or 17 samples (5 seconds apart) and then has a blank row, and then another 16 or 17 collections - is this known/normal? This is the first time I am taking a looking at this file well after an install so was curious to understand the reason and wanted to see if others have noticed the same nuance. The repeating pattern makes me think it is normal, but I'm just looking to understand more about it.


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Re: Performance History Gaps in Debug Log

Hello, What you are describing is common. The priority of the sym module on the array is to monitor the overall status of the system as well as implement and track management changes to the array. Heavy workload on the SYM can lead to polling sessions for performance missing at expected times. You can also see gaps due to traffic across the LAN between XMS and the storage controllers. Delay in this communication can again lead to expected polling points being missed. Again this is not uncommon to see this in the csv file.
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