What is the max number of SnapShot ?

HI there ..

Have anybody tried to create Max number of SnapShots per one production Vol? Which is 1 Production Vol + 512 snapshots ?

If so ....then 1 Production Vol is Deleted, One More snapshot would be able to create ?( this will make up 513 vols )

I would like to know if this 512 limit is Valid  if Production Vol is actually existed, or not

Ref Doc Product-Release-XtremIO-4.0.1 ( restricted )

Number of Snapshots per production Volume -> 512

Anybody know ...let me know !

thanks !


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Re: What is the max number of SnapShot ?

Can you elaborate on what you are trying to do? This is what I understood from your post:

1. Create 512 copies of a production volume.

2. Delete the production volume

3. Check if you can create one more copy.

Did I get it right?

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Re: What is the max number of SnapShot ?

hi Avi

thanks for the reply ...Yes you are correct !

the thing is that it seems doable from CLI ( create-snapshot) but not in GUI ....

Do you know which is true ?



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