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Wipe Proof of Concept gear

Anyone know of a good way to wipe the XIO gear we have for our PoC?  I used the vdbench tool kit to fill it up to 100%(ish) but I know there's capacity beyond "100%".  Just like to be sure before it goes back.

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Re: Wipe Proof of Concept gear

Reach out to whoever setup the array for you, and get them to re-initialize it (ie, recreate the cluster).  When you do this, it'll tell each of the SSDs to throw away their encryption key and generate a new one, which leaves the data on the disk completely unreadable.

Alternatively you can simply do what you've already done - again!  Overwriting the entire array twice (or three times, if you want to be overly cautious) will all but guarantee that every cell on the flash has been overwritten at least once - even with overprovisioning.

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