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X1 / X2 compatibility

Hello all! I have a question on the X1/X2 compatibility. I understand that X1 and X2 will be separate clusters and X2 will support true native replication.

Will the X1 and X2 still be managed by the same XMS?

Will X1 receive the 6.0 update to enable replication? Based on the current hardware, there are no IP ports for replication currently so I'm thinking the answer is no.

Will the replication technology on X2 still be snap-push?


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Re: X1 / X2 compatibility

Itzik Reich covers most (if not all) of your questions regarding the X2 platform. It's a fascinating read/listen.


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Re: X1 / X2 compatibility


The new XMS, which offers a rich new HTML5 UI, will be able to support both X1 and X2 clusters. However, at X2 GA the XMS will only support X2 clusters, with X1 clusters being supported shortly after.

Regarding replication, you are correct in that it is based on snapshot shipping (similar in concept to how XtremIO replication works with RecoverPoint). The beauty of the solution though is in how it leverages both snapshots and the content aware engine to replicate in the most efficient way possible, by determining if a data block truly needs to be replicated or not, or only its metadata. You can read more about the efficiency of the solution here: DellEMC XtremIO X2 Tech Preview #2 – Native Replication – Itzikr's Blog