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XMS server health status

We have physical XMS servers on two of our XtremIO clusters and we daily check the gui for XIO events, etc.

Inadvertently, I had a Dell CE onsite performing activities on a different hw platform and he happened to notice that our XMS server had a faulted power supply.

The XtremIO webui never reported an event.

How do we 'check' the health status of a physical XMS server? or is it possible to have it send event alerts itself?



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Re: XMS server health status

Hi Jim,

Currently we have XMS related events that will report on connectivity losses, out of memory conditions, out of space conditions, etc. But we do not report on the physical XMS server itself for any failures (like the one you mentioned).

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Re: XMS server health status

That is unfortunate. It would be helpful if I could at least ssh to the XMS server and manually run some cli commands or review log entries.

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