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Xio on hpux 11.31


Doing a POC ox XIO VS. Vmax on HPUX 11.31. Seeing the same response time or slower on XIO VS. Vmax. Can anyone tell me if there are any OS / HBA settings I need to set for the XIO to run better?

Any help would be appriciated. I am working with XIO support but they do not deal with HPUX very often.



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Re: Xio on hpux 11.31

Are you working with anybody from the XtremIO SE/Sales team for this POC? There are a lot of variables that might affect the performance - for example, do you have a workload that is pushing the storage systems to its limits? What kind of workload are you driving?

It would be helpful if you can provide the SR number for the case that you have open with EMC Support.