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XtremIO Management / Administration

  •      An indication (icon or warning text) of unconnected/unauthenticated
         initiators.  Via the CLI, we created hosts that had invalid WWN's and
         there is no graphical indication that these hosts are not actually found
         by the XtremIO.

  •      Limiting of IO at a LUN or folder level.  We have user/customer VMs on
         dedicated LUNs that we would like to prioritize lower or limit IO on
         so that users/customers cannot capitalize system resources.  Our only
         option to do so currently, is a manual process of limiting IO on a per VM
         basis and if the LUN was used for either a Linux or Windows mount, it
         would make limiting IO even harder.

  •      Display a prominent confirmation or warning dialog if a LUN is numbered
         differently across hosts.  I can't think of a reason why LUN numbers
         should/would be numbered differently across hosts, but at least provide a
         confirmation or warning dialog if a user is attempting such a non best

  •      Fixing the XtremIO documented issue with ntp changes on the XMS VM displaying
         alerts for 5 hours (Article Number:000184503 Version:3) would be very
         favorable.  We effectively had to stop work the first day due to
         continual errors blocking access to the XtremIO GUI.  The fix was to
         wait 5 hours for the errors to go away.
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Re: XtremIO Management / Administration

Thanks for the feedback.

These requirements/enhancement requests have been communicated to us through your EMC account team also - please work with them to discuss when and how these are being tracked internally.

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