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XtremIO X2-S

Hi All

I wondered if a XtremIO SME could assist me here?

We currently have the XtremIO X1 1 x cluster (2 x 10TB XBrick), 4 x SC, 2 x DAEs with 50 x 400GB SSDs running 4.04 code for our VDI environment.

I am now looking at the new XtremIO X2-S 4 X-Bricks (40TB) to replace our existing 2 X-Brick cluster to support our VDI environment. Does the new 4 X-Brick cluster (40TB) come in a 6U or 12U configuration? Ideally 6U as we have space restrictions in our DC.

We need to support up 5,000 active VDI sessions, however does the new X2-S 4 X-Brick cluster (40TB) support up to 5,000 active sessions? Or do we need to buy 2 x 20TB XBrick to support this? Does 1 x 20TB XBrick support 2,500 users in the X2-S?

We are purely looking at performance to provide significant logical capacity over physical capacity, which is the main reason why we haven't looked at the new X2-R. 

Any assistance here would be great appreciated.



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Re: XtremIO X2-S

X2 is a different design to the original XtremIO in that we now support between 18 and 72 SSD's per X-brick.  This gives more control over the balance between performance and capacity, but it also means it can be a little more difficult to pick the "right" configuration for a specific environment.

I'd suggest you reach out to your local Dell EMC sales team or partner and ask them to help you with sizing an X2 array to meet your requirements, which will be based on both the capacity and performance requirements, as well as things like expected data reduction rates.

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Re: XtremIO X2-S

Hi Jonathan,

The XtremIO X2-S 4 X-Bricks (40TB) comes with 20U rack space consisting of 1 x cluster (4 x X-Brick), 8 x SC (8U), 4 x DAEs with 72-288 SSDs (8U), 2 x IB Switches (2U), IB Cable space (1U) and Management space (1U).

In XtremIO X1, a 1 X-Brick cluster (10TB) can provide sufficient storage capacity and adequate performance for servicing IO requests and the storage IO bandwidth at a scale of 3000 virtual desktops. XtremIO X2 combined with new code architecture provides 40 percent more concurrent users for VDI in comparison to XtremIO X1. Hence 2 X-Brick cluster may satisfy your needs with 12U rack space.

Deciding between 10TB, 20TB and 40TB can be cross examined by your local Dell EMC sales team for XtremIO X2-S per your environment specifications.

Hope this helps,


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Re: XtremIO X2-S

Hi All,

Thank you for your responses. Yes I have been reading over the weekend to learn about the new XtremIO X2-S architecture.

I believe XtremIO X2-S 2 X-brick cluster (20TB @ 12U) to support 5,000 active sessions in VDI is what we require. I am reaching out to our DellEMC Sales team to discuss further. Unfortunate we don't have sufficient room in our cabinets where the existing XtremIO X1 is located, so we would look to complete like-for-like replacement instead of a traditional migration over a long weekend.

Thanks again,