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XtremIO report on mapping

Apologies, been searching but not really found the answer which probably is out there ....

Am wanting to run a simple XtremIO report that shows what initiators can see what groups and more importantly what volumes?? Obviously wanting to dump this output to a spreadsheet.

How can you create such a report?

Cheers .. John.

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Re: XtremIO report on mapping

Hi John,

I just tried playing around with myself, and looks like it would require a little bit of scripting. This is what i came up with: if you want to just see a list of all the lun-mappings, which would be the relationship between Initiator Groups and a Volume, you can use REST API https://XMS-IP/api/json/v2/types/lun-maps?full=1&prop=ig-name&prop=vol-name

This returns something like:

"lun-maps": [


            "index": 344,

            "guid": "8094bc9066dd4b549bdc5ac27d6026b0",

            "vol-name": "YYVOL1108A020",

            "ig-name": "xiomkt24",

            "name": "199_15_1"



            "index": 345,

            "guid": "5abd6ca13886467c815bca21f9326235",

            "vol-name": "YYVOL1108A021",

            "ig-name": "xiomkt24",

            "name": "200_15_1"



            "index": 346,

            "guid": "b235b3c520ae46ef95a5f75f130f16e4",

            "vol-name": "YYVOL1108A020",

            "ig-name": "xiomkt26",

            "name": "199_17_1"

Using filtering, you can get this for a specific volume or ig-name. For example, if i want to see all volumes mapped to my xiomkt26 Initiator Group: https://XMS-IP/api/json/v2/types/lun-maps?full=1&prop=ig-name&prop=vol-name&filter=ig-name:eq:xiomkt...