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XtremIO snapshots > distributed volumes in VPLEX Metro

Hi all,

I have a environment where a current pair of VNXs presented through a VPLEX Metro have been supplemented/replaced with XtremIO. As the environment is heavy on test/dev, the user wants to create snaps on XtremIO but then have distributed volumes presented via VPLEX. This presents a challenge as the x-bricks are separate, not clustered and I don't seem to know of a way (yet) that one can synchronously snap on two arrays and use the snaps as new VPLEX distributed volumes. Any ideas or tools that enable something like this to happen?

The requirement is to have even test/dev volumes presented in the same fashion as production volumes, in order to test performance, resilience, but to establish speed of deployment of test/dev DB volumes in the environment.

Any help or guidance appreciated.

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Re: XtremIO snapshots > distributed volumes in VPLEX Metro


Not sure if I am reading this right, but it sounds like you want to take XtremIO-based snapshot of array volumes that are currently presented to a VPLEX cluster and being utilized as Distributed Devices. If that is the case, you shouldn't need to create a snapshot at each XtremIO cluster and pair them together through the VPLEX. Given the volumes you are snapping at the array level are VPLEX distributed volumes on top and distributed volumes utilize write-through caching on each cluster before acknowledging back to the host, you just need to quiesce applications, invalidate the read cache for the DD volumes, and detach your "snap" distributed volume at one site to re-sync and then use as a distributed volume. The initial setup will have you create a Distributed Device across the clusters with a native XtremIO LUN on one side and the snapshot LUN on the other cluster so that you can follow the process in the document below for future re-sync's.

Here is a good paper that explains the process (initial and re-sync): https://support.emc.com/docu59631_VPLEX:-Leveraging-Array-Based-and-Native-Copy-Technologies-Second-...


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