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XtremIO with DRR per Volume Reporting

Hi All, I haven't been able to find anyone with this as a working solution, so I thought I'd send it out to the community for some feedback, as I'm unable to test in any sort of lab environment. Customer has an X1 Series, 4 Node Cluster running XIOS 4.0.26-10 with XMS 4.2.2-26. They are interested in some of the newer features in XMS 6.1.0-98, specifically the DRR per Volume Reporting. Has anyone actually gotten this to work with a X1 Series XtremIO with XMS 6.1.0-98 or higher? I'll be raising an SR to see if it's actually possible to get usable data from the reports, or whether you can pull any usable metrics via SRM. Cheers, Chris
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