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XxtremIO X1 to X2 Migration question

Hello I was wondering if someone could please answer the below question

A physical Server connected to the XtremIO X1, is there a way to gracefully migrate or clone the attached Luns to the XtremIO X2 system so it can be disconnected from the server and perform some kind of copy procedure on the Windows Server?


Gary Bastarache

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Re: XxtremIO X1 to X2 Migration question

using PowerPath ?  If yes,  PowerPath Migration Enabler.

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Re: XxtremIO X1 to X2 Migration question

As noted by Dynamox, if you are looking for non-disruptive way to migrate data between LUNs presented by the X1 to the LUNs presented by X2 through the host, PowerPath Migration Enabler would be the best solution. Any other host based activity would have some exposure of hiccup time for cut-over. At some point you would have to stop IO to the original X1 LUN in order to redirect the IO to the new X2 LUN.

Other solutions would be external to the host and use the abilities of either VPlex or RecoverPoint in order to mirror the data. Once the data is mirrored to other site it would be a matter of cutting over to the data copy on the X2.

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