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May 25th, 2024 12:43

m16R, nothing but trouble since the start

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I bought a Dell Alienware m16R and I can honestly say, it has been the WORST purchase I have ever made in my entire life. The laptop does not run correctly. The USB-c to DP does not work. I contacted the premium support service I paid for (waste of money) and they walked me through several attempts to get it to work which none of them did. Every time I call the premium service, I have to go through an hour plus of attempts to fix the problem before the rep agrees that there is an issue. So, finally they agree to send a technician out. Now this techician is not an employee of Dell, but rather a local no-name contractor that comes to my home, opens my computer and attempt to fix the issue. So, they replaced the motherboard and guess what, it worked for a month and then reverted back to the same issues of progressively worsening display issues. So, again I have to call Dell and attempt to understand through the thick accents what to do. So, again they HAVE to attempt to fix the issue which takes an hour plus each time to do. Then, after multiple calls to fix it, they FINALLY agree that it is a hardware issue and wants to send another random contractor out to my house to fix it again (not fix it again). So, I tell them that this is the same issue that they supposedly repaired the last time and they obviously dont know what is causing the motherboard to malfunction. So, I asked for a replacement since this one is a lemon! So we go round a round with the same scripted response from the call center that says they will gladly honor their warrantly to fix my computer for as long as I have a warranty. So, at this point I am totally angry because anyone with a brain can understand that without understanding the root cause of the motherboard malfunction, there is no reason to replace the motherboard. On top of that it costs my hours and hours of time on the phone with call center reps and eventually, my warranty will run out and the issue will leave me with a useless computer.

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